Centre Region Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates Continue to Increase

IMG_2499April 28, 2016– The Centre Region’s cardiac arrest survival rate continues to climb, according to Centre LifeLink’s annual CARES (Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival) Report. 23% of cardiac arrest victims are walking out of the hospital in good or moderate health. Compared to a national average of 8.5%, this is a significant accomplishment.

Since the implementation of automatic chest compression systems (LUCAS), thanks, in part, to funds from the Council of Governments, additional training among Centre LifeLink staff and community members, the Centre Region’s overall survival rate has went from 11% in 2011, to 23% in 2015.

“Starting CPR right away is the key to survival”, says Centre LifeLink’s EMS Chief, Kent Knable. This is usually done by bystanders in the community, before police or EMS arrive on scene.  Community education and training in CPR is essential in this scenario. With bystanders initiating CPR 54% of the time in the Centre Region, this number is slightly higher than the national average of only 40%.

“We urge everyone in the community to get trained in CPR. You never know when you may have to use it”, explains Centre LifeLink’s Training Manager, Eliza Shaw.

A variety of CPR classes are offered monthly at Centre LifeLink EMS. For more information, go to www.centrelifelink.com.

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