At Centre LifeLink, we staff both paid and volunteer personnel. Our volunteers come from a diverse background including PSU students and local community members. All of our volunteers provide an invaluable service to our community.

We are always looking for community minded people to volunteer with us. If you are interested in volunteering, please download the  application below and return it by email to:



Application 2022

Paid Employment Positions

In addition to our volunteer opportunities, we occasionally do open paid positions. to apply, please email Kent Knable: kknable@centrelifelink.com for details. Please see below for current job openings:

Financial Officer/Controller- Admin/Full-time, if interested, please send cover letter and resume to: srawson@centrelifelink.com

Full-time Paramedic- Please email EMS Chief Kent Knable for more information: kknable@centrelifelink.com

Full-time EMT – Please email EMS Chief Kent Knable for more information: kknable@centrelifelink.com