Life Saving Gifts

Life Saving Gifts


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADonations allow us to replace approximately one ambulance per year. Last year, we replaced a 1998 ambulance with over 200,000 miles, with a brand new ambulance.

A new ambulance, without the life saving equipment inside, costs $160,000.




Stryker Power-LOAD™ cot fastener

chris strykerThe Stryker Power-LOAD™ cot fastener improves operator and patient safety by supporting the cot throughout the loading and unloading process. Ergonomically designed to reduce operator and patient injuries, Power-LOAD™ hydraulically lifts patients weighing up to 700 lbs. with the touch of a button.

All of our ambulances are now equipped with Stryker Power-LOAD™ cot fastener systems, with the support of private gifts to help defray the quarter million dollar investment.

To learn more about the Stryker Power-LOAD™ cot fastener system, click here.



emtadThe LUCAS machine performs mechanically controlled CPR compressions. The LUCAS is able to sustain a higher blood flow to the brain and heart compared to manual compressions. Since the addition of our LUCAS machines, we have seen an increased cardiac arrest survival rate in the Centre Region.

One LUCAS chest compressor costs $15,000. The Centre Region Council of Governments was generous enough to donate funds to purchase our first LUCAS. Donations allow us to purchase additional LUCAS machines so that we can eventually equip each ambulance with a LUCAS.