Centre LifeLink EMS 2014 Banquet Award Winners

A special thank you to photographer Carl Knowlton

Each year, Cente LifeLink EMS recognizes staff and volunteers with an awards banquet.

EMS Educator Award: Michael Fedorchak

Hollie Holderman Award: Derek Hoover

Years of Service Awards

5 Year  

Board Member: Beth Johnston

Board President: Tommy Songer

10 Year    

Paramedic, Dep. Chief and Q.I. Manager: Mark Jermusyk

Paramedic Supervisor: Sean Kleckner

 15 Year    

Office Manager: Karol Ayers

Paramedic and Deputy Chief: Roger Bressler

EMT and Mechanic: Scott Woodring

100 Volunteer Call Awards

Michael Brinton: 138 calls

Ryan Etzel: 203 calls

Kayla Foster: 178 calls

Karim Hemady: 113 calls

Raymon Masters: 168 calls

Terri Merdes: 148 calls

Anand Swaminathan: 189 calls

Thomas Winkler: 278 calls

Matt Langston: 260 calls

 500 Volunteer Hour Awards: 

Michael Brinton: 514.5 hours

Ryan Etzel: 926.25 hours

Kayla Foster: 674 hours

Matt Langston: 1,156.25 hours

Raymon Masters: 784 hours

Terri Merdes: 553 hours

Anand Swaminathan: 727.5 hours

Thomas Winkler: 881.25 hours


Special Volunteer Recognition – 1,250 Volunteer Calls : Raymon Masters


Top 3 Calls Van Service

3rd     Glenn Sheaffer: 294 calls

2nd     Scott Packer: 344 calls

1st      Terry Moist: 604 calls


Top 3 Calls Part time EMS Employee

3rd     Angie Poorman: 299 calls

2nd     Kyle Schmoeller: 333 calls

1st      Will McGill: 393 calls


Top 3 Calls Fulltime EMS Employee

3rd     Josh Messing: 493 calls

2nd     Matt Konya: 515 calls

1st      Vince Stitzer: 569 calls


Top 3 Hours Volunteer

3rd Most Hours – Thomas Winkler: 881 hours

2nd Most Hours – Ryan Etzel: 926 hours

Most Volunteer Hours – Matthew Langston: 1,156 hours


Top 3 Calls by Volunteer

3rd Most Volunteer Calls – Ryan Etzel: 203 calls

2nd Most Volunteer Calls – Matthew Langston: 260 of 453 calls

Most Volunteer Calls – Thomas Winkler: 278 calls

Van Driver of the Year – Derek Hoover

Paid Attendant of the Year –   Ken Kephart

Volunteer Attendant of the Year – Matthew Langston

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