Centre LifeLink Recognizes Bystanders, First Responders, and Cardiac Arrest Survivors

scaa 2014Centre LifeLink hosted a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association Reception on Wednesday, June 11. The event recognized survivors of cardiac arrest and first responders and bystanders who performed CPR on a cardiac arrest victim.

Penn State Police officers were recognized for starting CPR on an unconscious individual found in a car November 2013 during a football game. Those recognized include:

Detective Adam Rawding

Lt. Jason Zajac

Officer Jeffrey Jones

Officer Hugo Triveri

Penns Valley EMS crews were also recognized for a cardiac arrest situation that took place last month when an individual went unconscious while driving through Spring Mills. The individual ended up driving into the ambulance station, where CPR was started. The EMS providers recognized include:

Derek Hoover

Angie Poorman

Butch Sasserman

Larry Potter

Laura Snook

Cindy Ross

Adam Ross-Co. 7

Penn Stater Conference Center employees and a Penn State Police officer were recognized for starting CPR on an unconscious individual found in the hotel lobby in January. Those recognized include:

Officer Hugo Triveri

Judy Karaky—General Manager

Kerry Kassab—Executive Housekeeper

Elizabeth Rupert—Banquet Server

State College Borough Officers, Centre LifeLink crews, and Rathskeller employees were recognized for starting CPR on an individual who went into cardiac arrest at the bar/restaurant on May 3. Those recognized include:

David Jones—Centre LifeLink EMS Paramedic

Chris Kilburn—Centre LifeLink EMS Paramedic

Thomas Bedard—Centre LifeLink EMS EMT

Officer Jason Pieniazek

Officer Amanda Estep

Kris Keeler—Rathskeller employee

Adam Burkholder—Rathskeller employee

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