Centre LifeLink Annual Award Recipients

Centre LifeLink Annual Award Recipients

Since our Annual Awards Banquet has been postponed due to the pandemic, Executive Director Scott Rawson announced our 2019 Annual Award recipients at the monthly staff meeting. Congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work. We hope to acknowledge everyone in-person, eventually. Here are the award recipients:

Years of Service Awards

5 Years:

Brian Atherton

Susan Berbec

Bradley Harlos

10 Years:

Ryan Etzel

15 Years:

Nathan Shadle


2019 Awards

4th Most Hours: Tom Masullo, 386 hours

3rd Most Hours: Emily Barton, 495 hours

2nd Most Hours: Raegan Donohue, 541 hours

Most Volunteer Hours: Noah Al Mohannadi, 1,217 hours


3rd Most Calls: Emily Barton, 119 calls

2nd Most Calls: Raegan Donohue, 149 calls

Most Volunteer Calls: Noah Al Mohannadi, 436 calls


EMS Educator of the Year: Hilary Anderson

Tactical Medic of the Year: Kent Knable

Van Driver of the Year: Thomas Dillman

Career Paramedic of the Year: Matthew Burnheimer

Career EMT of the Year: Cassandra Lageman

Volunteer of the Year: Emily Barton

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