2015 Awards Banquet

A special thank you to photographer Carl Knowlton

Each year, Cente LifeLink EMS recognizes staff and volunteers with an awards banquet.

Executive Director’s Award: Ashley Crock and Vicki Weaver

exec director reward




EMS Educator Award: Steve Walters

ems edu





Edwin Childs Courage Award: Roger Bressler

EMS Citizenship Award: Judy Rockey

ems citiz





Years of Service Awards

5 Year  

Paramedic: Vincent Stitzer

10 Year    

Paramedic: Nathan Shadle

 15 Year    

Dr. Clifford Neal


100 Volunteer Call Awards

Michael Brinton: 183 calls

Ryan Etzel: 213 calls

Kayla Foster: 137 calls

Nathan Kingsbury: 173 calls

Olivia Latran: 150 calls

Terri Merdes: 136 calls

Anand Swaminathan: 208 calls


 500 Volunteer Hour Awards: 

Michael Brinton: 771 hours

Ryan Etzel: 842 hours

Kayla Foster: 582 hours

Nathan Kingsbury: 621 hours

Olivia Latran: 565 hours

Raymon Masters: 518

Anand Swaminathan: 690 hours


Special Volunteer Recognition – 7,000 Volunteer Calls : Raymon Masters





Top 3 Calls Van Service

3rd     Ali Warren: 195 calls

2nd     Glenn Sheaffer: 347 calls

1st      Terry Moist: 694 calls


Top 3 Calls Part time EMS Employee

3rd     Kevin Duffy: 249 calls

2nd     Gary Stead: 294 calls

1st      Steve Drago: 379 calls


Top 3 Calls Fulltime EMS Employee

4th       Scott Packer: 512

3rd     Josh Messing: 537 calls

2nd     Cindy Yost: 555 calls

1st      Vince Stitzer: 578 calls


Top 3 Hours Volunteer

3rd Most Hours – Anand Swaminathan: 690 hours

2nd Most Hours – Michael Brinton: 771 hours

Most Volunteer Hours – Ryan Etzel: 842


Top 3 Calls by Volunteer

3rd Most Volunteer Calls – Michael Brinton: 183 calls

2nd Most Volunteer Calls – Anand Swaminath: 208 calls

Most Volunteer Calls – Ryan Etzel: 213 calls


Van Driver of the Year – Terry Moist

terry tommy





Paid Attendant of the Year –   Chris Kilburn

chris tommy





Volunteer Attendant of the Year – Anand Swaminathan







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