Centre LifeLink EMS Urges Community Members to Seek Medical Care When Needed

Centre LifeLink EMS urges community members to seek medical care when needed, amidst pandemic. We are encountering an increasing number of patients who have delayed seeking medical attention in efforts to stay at home, and as a result, are severely-ill, if not dying, unnecessarily. This is a statement from Centre LifeLink’s Medical Director, Dr. Cliff Neal on the matter: 

“No question about it, this is a difficult time. The COVID-19 pandemic is of a caliber that few of us have ever experienced.  Media information is contradictory and conflicts in suggested medical management of the disease are frequent.   In Pennsylvania, we have lost over 1,600 lives to COVID-19 related illness. In Centre County, our local hospital has prepared and is ready to manage this pandemic. They are using the most up to date treatments and prevention control.  As a result, we have only seen two deaths related to COVID-19.   We should, however, not become complacent.  This is a disease to be reckoned with, and people are frightened.  That is human nature, and it’s okay to be scared.

The encouraging news is that Pennsylvanians have done our part. Through social distancing and isolation, we have accomplished flattening an otherwise ominous curve.  Statistically, as of April 18, we have shown some stability, and hopefully are entering a recovery stage.

Through all of this, we are unfortunately finding our patients waiting too long to call for help; many becoming seriously ill, and some needlessly dying as a result. Serious infection, heart attacks, strokes, medical and traumatic emergencies are still occurring. We understand that you have been told to stay home, and thankfully most of you have.  If you have mild illness, this is still the best plan. However, if you are seriously ill, or have a condition which needs further care, we are here to help.  Please do not hesitate to call your primary care provider or 911.”

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