Q. How much money will my membership save me?

A. Your membership saves you an average of $900 per call for Basic Life Support and more than $1,600 for Advanced Life Support paramedic services. These are the average fees non-members pay.

Q. Why should I become a member?

A. In addition to saving you money on emergency medical services, your membership helps keep our vital services available in our community 24/7/365. Without your membership support, a service of this quality would not be possible. 

Q. Do I have a choice of ambulance service?

A. No, Centre LifeLink provides 24-hour emergency service for the Borough of State College, College Twp., Harris Twp., Ferguson Twp., Patton Twp., and mutual aid to surrounding areas of Centre and Huntingdon Counties.

If you’re not sure who your ambulance service is, please contact us.

Q. Does my membership cover non-emergency services?

A. No, your membership is designated for emergency service only. This does not include non-emergency transports, such as long distance transports and non-emergency van service.

Q. How is Centre LifeLink EMS funded?

A. Centre LifeLink EMS is a non-profit organization funded by annual memberships, donations, and billable ambulance services. We do NOT receive any tax support for our operations.

If you still have questions about our membership, please call our Membership and Marketing Manager, Lauren Shurgalla at (814) 237-8163, or contact by email.