Public Relations

At Centre LifeLink EMS, we care about our community and we want you to know it! We make it a priority to be active members within our community serving not only as an emergency medical service provider, but as a community resource for up to date information on current safety protocols, and basic health care information.

Our team attends numerous events held throughout the community each year. We provide guest speakers at club meetings, special events, churches, and other venues to educate residents on the services we have to offer and related healthcare topics. We also attend health and safety fairs, and schools to teach children about safety and EMS. We also welcome clubs, and different groups to tour the station and learn more about EMS in the community. Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops are also welcome to the station to earn first aid badges. In many cases, we can provide an ambulance to give tours, or to cover your special event.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule one of the above activities, please contact Marketing Manager Lauren Shurgalla here, or at (814) 237-8163.