Basic First Aid

first-aid-training-01Designed for the lay community rescuer, our Basic First Aid Course will have you walking away feeling confident in the skills that you learn in class. This class is a combination of lecture and hands on practice and yields a three (3) year certification through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). Some basic topics covered are bleeding control/soft tissue injuries, fractures/splinting, treatment of shock, basic illness identification and more. A CPR Course is recommended in addition to this class.

Schedule: 1st Wednesday of each month

Cost: $60.00

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CPR & First Aid Combo

first aid

This course provides a discount for groups or individuals who need certification in both CPR and First Aid. This is either a full day or dual evening course.

Cost: $100 ($20 savings)

Schedule: First aid is offered the first Wednesday of each month and CPR is offered the second Wednesday of each month, both at 6:00 pm.

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