2019 Awards Banquet

Each year, Cente LifeLink EMS recognizes staff and volunteers with an awards banquet.

Special thanks to the following sponsors for their financial support: 

Fiore Fedeli Snyder Carothers, LLP

Frost and Conn, Inc.

Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.

Keller Williams


EMS Educator Award: John Surkovic


Tactical Medic of the Year: Jeff Brytczuk


Years of Service Awards, Centre LifeLink


10 Year

Beth Johnston

Tommy Songer

15 Year

Sean Kleckner

Mark Jermusyk

20 Year    

Rodney Beard

D. Scott Woodring

Dr. Clifford Neal


500 EMS Response Award (Career Staff)

Matt Bernheimer: 620

Tony Calvo: 509

Gage Lyons McCracken: 586

Mike McGrath: 516

Josh Messing: 512

Scott Packer: 581

Vince Stitzer: 623

John Surkovic: 559

Steve Walters: 537



Top 3 Calls Van Service

3rd     Glenn Sheaffer: 163

2nd     Michele Ferro: 359 calls

1st      Katy Smith: 359 calls


Top 3 Calls Part-time EMS Employee

3rd     Matthew Marinelli: 182 calls

2nd     Gary Stead: 226 calls

1st      Ian Arevalo: 320 calls


Top 3 Calls Full-time EMS Employee

3rd     Gage Lyons McCracken: 586 calls

2nd     Matt Burnheimer: 620 calls

1st      Vince Stitzer: 623 calls


Top Hours and Calls Volunteer

4th Most Hours: Abby Dugo 443

3rd Most Hours: Emily Kerner 470 & 3rd most calls 129

2nd Most Hours: Molly Basilio 506 & 2nd most calls 245

Most Volunteer Hours and Calls: Noah A. 1,544 hours & 500+ calls


Van Driver of the Year – Katy Smith

Career EMT of the Year – Brandon McMinn

Career Paramedic of the Year –   Vince Stitzer

Volunteer of the Year –Noah A.